To validate what we have discussed, let’s look at other creative professions apart from writing.

People who start learning guitar do not try to compose new music. Painters try to copy other paintings and they draw what they see, before their creativity takes over.

Writing is not very different from music or painting. As a writer/blogger, you might feel the pressure to write something awesome and original to start with. And when you discover that you cannot be that great, you don’t get started in the first place.

There is a part of you that prevents from shipping creative work. That is your lizard brain. Your lizard brain is trying to keep you safe, inside your comfort zone. If you become a victim of it, you will never become a great blogger.

There is an internal war you have to fight to manifest art. It war involves coming up with the courage to ship work that is slightly creative, if not fully creative. (On a side note, read this book called the War Of Art, not the Art of War).

Treat blogging like learning guitar. Start a blog, publish a few blog posts. Share it on social media and invite your friends to comment on your posts.

It might not be the greatest post ever written on the topic, but as long as it is useful to someone, you have created some value. This will help you get started with the positive feedback loop.

Once you have got started with a few blog posts, it is time to get serious. After you get started with a few posts, you need to become professional blogger.

Let us now look at the 4-step creative process that I’ve come up with especially for bloggers and authors. Mastering this 4-step process will help you get to the next level.

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